A new addition to Age Concern, in response to the needs of people post-covid. 

We've all been sat down too much, not getting out and about. It's time to be pro-active and recognise we need to do something. Deteriorating health isn't inevitable as we get older. Being fitter and stronger allows us to do more of the things we want to do in retirement, and our exercise classes are designed to help yo improve your fitness, however you've been feeling.


Central Methodist, Gentle standing exercise, 11am

Roomfield House, seated exercise, 2pm

Tai Chi Class

Tai chi is a fantastic, gentle exercise to help you maintain mobility and balance. The weekly tai chi class is held by a highly qualified tai chi instructor. A range of ages and health conditions attend, from 65 year olds who had a recent heart attack, through to 90 year olds who want to remain mobile.

Thursdays, 10:30am Fielden Centre

We have also run short series of classes at other venues to get you moving again. Get in touch if you have any suggestions about exercise classes you would like to see in your area.  

Thank you to Todmorden Town Council and Active Calderdale who have helped fund our varying classes.