Great Get Together - Saturday 22nd June  11am-2pm 

Jo Cox was a local West Yorkshire MP who was murdered in 2016. She believed in bringing communities together, and so in her memory her friends and family formed the Great Get Together, a national weekend of finding something in common with the people you share your community with. 

Loneliness is a huge health problem, as  detrimental as smoking. People are looking at their mobiles, cashiers are becoming automated; older people are feeling cut off.

We'd like to reconnect again. Let's remember the pleasure of snatched conversations whilst in the queue at Morrisons, of passing the time whilst waiting at the bus stop. 

Join us for a cup of strawberries, meet someone new, and remember how important it is to just say "hello". 

Jo Cox MP believed we 'have more in common than that which divides us'. We'd like to remind people in Todmorden just that, over a cup of strawberries in Pollination Street. Please join us, and let's make Todmorden better for all ages. 

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