Our Services:

Information and Advice
We offer a free, impartial and confidential information and advice service to older people and their carers.

We produce a quarterly newsletter jam packed full of useful information and details of our latest trips and activities. See our Newsletter page for the most recent issues

Digital Tablets
Get online with our support. We have tablets, information and instructors to help you learn and enjoy using the internet. Contact the office for more information.

Some comments about our Tablets:

“I use my iPad for keeping in contact with family. They send me photos and I really enjoy seeing them. My grandkids live away, they send me photos of holidays. I’ve had photos of them from India and Peru!” - Jenny, 92

"I use my tablet all the time! I get on Tod Chat on Facebook. It was all about the electricity being cut off last week- it helped me know what was going on. I’ve had a computer for years. I got an M+S email this morning titled ‘Presents to buy your mother this Mother’s Day’. I’m 92!”- Joyce, 92

“My grandson has just sent me an email with photos of the snowmen they made.” - Jack and Sylvie


Our Activities

Throughout the year we have a programme of social activities, tai chi, trips, lunch clubs, afternoon teas and coffee mornings.

Lunch Clubs

Held between 11:30am and 1:30pm on Tuesdays at Cornholme and Walsden, and on Fridays at Roomfield House.

More comments about our Lunch Clubs:

“I get brought by a volunteer - I couldn’t manage a bus, my confidence is too low so I’m grateful to be collected” - Marion, 92.

”To me the lunch club is a lifeline! It’s company. It saved me when my husband died. Getting out amongst people, it’s so important to me.” - Jenny, 92

Tai Chi

A qualified instructor holds a weekly class every Thursday between 10:30am and 11:30am at the Fielden Centre.